Closer to Shopper

From humble beginnings at the kitchen table, today Shopper is the fastest growing offline media business in Australia, with a portfolio of over 420+ shopping centres: a thriving, dynamic, data-led out of home media business.

The Shopper story

With early investment in technology, we’ve paved the way for innovation in retail out of home. We offer 100% digital media and analytics that deliver value for advertisers, brands and partners.

Today, our sophisticated technology and analytics offer a deep understanding of shopper behaviour and purchasing intentions. Combined with dynamic and contextual audience, location and trigger-based targeting, we deliver data-led retail media unsurpassed in the industry.

The growth of Shopper

Since the beginning, Shopper has focused on growing its shopping centre network, adding new centres at a rate of nearly two per week from 2016. We’re focused on delivering value to our shopping centre partners, increasing customer visitation and dwell time through our complementary Wi-Fi network and innovative and interactive digital advertising displays.

Focus on retail media

Retail media over delivers time and again in its ability to bring brands closer to where customers make everyday household decisions, and within proximity to point of purchase. It’s the only channel that acts to both prompt and remind customers at the point of purchase. Our 100% digital portrait and large format advertising screens let advertisers tailor their messages to shoppers’ needs and desires when they’re already in a buying mindset.

Achieving Sustainable Retail OOH

Shopper is taking positive action through sustainable partnerships and our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and certification in 2022.

Our mission is to achieve carbon neutrality through the Commonwealth Government’s Climate Active certification program for our business and our advertising and advocate for sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives across the retail out of home industry.

We’re working with ndevr Environmental to become a carbon neutral organisation, certified under the Climate Active Standard and offering a carbon neutral retail advertising solution for our clients and partners.

In addition to this, we are also  a member of the OMA sustainability committee, who are working to develop industry guidelines and tools to support advertisers in reducing their emissions and offsetting their OOH advertising campaigns.

Everything starts with the customer