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Case Studies

Efficiencies through precision audience targeting

  • Shopper Ai audience mapping
  • 250 shopping centres
  • Audience exposure

To help Westpac launch an innovative invoicing system for small businesses, we identified lifestyle attributes of audiences and located shopping centres within close proximity to small and independent retailers and business owners.

The result? The small business banking campaign achieved Westpac’s audience exposure objectives, and delivered campaign spend efficiencies.

Data-led dynamic creative

Data-led dynamic creative

  • Shopper Study
  • 120 shopping centres
  • Drive brand awareness

Helga’s sought to drive awareness of their complete range of breads and to encourage consumers to try new products and flavours. Using Shopper Study, we connected with customers to identify purchase trends and preferences by location, then interrupted them on their path to purchase to create behavioural change in store.

The result? With customised creative for each location, Helga’s drove greater awareness across their product range, and increased sales.

A test-and-learn approach

  • 28% sales uplift
  • 40% halo uplift
  • Campaign results vs control

To understand the sales impact of retail OOH in Lindt’s Christmas campaigns, we collected and compared their marketing, sales and pricing data (pre-, during and post-campaign) for shopping centres that ran the campaign against those that didn’t.

The result? Stores showcasing the 6-week Christmas campaign achieved an overall sales uplift of 28% during the campaign (peak weekly uplift vs control of 78%). Further, a halo effect following the campaign saw a 40% higher uplift on average.

Driving online sales with programmatic digital OOH

  • Online retailer
  • 2.4x conversion
  • 1.5x average spend

We delivered a highly efficient programmatic campaign and improved marketing metrics by ring fencing centres, collecting and cross matching device ID’s to identify online and offline shopping behaviour which directly measured the impact of audience exposure to the OOH campaign.

The result? Shoppers exposed to the ads in store were not only 2.4 times more likely to convert online, their average spend was 150% greater as a result of the campaign. The campaign also delivered a 1.6x increase in footfall traffic in-store and improved overall online visitation by 187%.

70% of shoppers who saw an OOH ad in a shopping centre visited the store.

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