Welcome to Shopper Programmatic

Shopper is 100% digital allowing us to offer programmatic Digital Out of Home media.

Programmatic DOOH gives brands the ability to run thought provoking, dynamic creative used with rich data that can be targeted to specific audience groups.

Programmatic DOOH leads to the following outcomes:

  • Flexibility and automation, to stop, start, and optimise campaigns as required

  • Hyper-targeted advertising - focusing on locations, audiences and moments that are most important, selecting time of day, day of week or weather conditions.

  • Omni-channel media planning using the same platforms as online, TV and radio to seamlessly extend your data strategy 

  • Greater efficiency. A buyer can now automate planning, buying, measurement and reporting across multiple publishers to deliver relevant messaging at scale.

Unlike other digital media, programmatic DOOH is un-skippable and unavoidable and 100% viewable!