Our Shopper Metrix analytics platform allows us to understand foot traffic across our network of shopping centres on a minute by minute basis, allowing us to track shoppers’ daily visitation, peak trading, dwell time and more.

Shopper Media deploys market-leading technology that is 100 percent digital. Our shopping centre network is made up of Wi-Fi and virtual Bluetooth beacons that measure what is happening in our centres in real-time, setting us apart from our competitors. 

Shopper Metrix allows us to understand exactly how many devices are in our centres, how often they come, the time of day and day of week.


  • Real-time retail intelligence from across our network of shopping centres Australia-wide

  • Centre by centre data analytics and shopper insights

  • Dashboard summary with accurate sensing that tracks shopper demographics and behaviours; visitation frequency, peak traffic, dwell time, time of day and day of week metrics

  • Helping our partners and clients drive efficiencies in retail marketing