SHOPPER Ai is Shopper Media’s proprietary audience mapping tool allowing you to create efficiencies through strategic targeting.


New product launch requiring a promotional strategy to create product awareness.


Invoicing solution for small businesses allowing them to send, track and reconcile.


Target and effectively reach Small Businesses with retail small-format  digital panels located in close proximity to small and independent retailers.


Systematically index each SMG centre against a heat mapped audience (intelligent targeting) made possible through SHOPPER Ai determining where SME business owners live, work and shop.

Campaign creative to be rolled out on SMG panels with a 20m or less proximity to SMEs. (This approach was designed to ensure the panels were contextually relevant to the target market).


Powered by SHOPPER Ai, Shopper Media rolled out the campaign utilising the data from the heat mapped audience.

The bespoke audience layer was overlaid with network locations, allowing Shopper Media to highly target the right audience and implement the campaign in areas that had a high propensity to reach SME’s.

Inventory that met the prescribed proximity criteria was utilised throughout the campaign.


With SHOPPER Ai in action, the target audience’s lifestyles were identified, creating greater campaign accuracy.

Over 250 centres ran the campaign on panels that met the prescribed proximity criteria of 20m or less to SMEs.

Conversation and exposure to the right audience was achieved through a highly targeted solution rolled out in the right locations at the right time.


To showcase the entire Helga’s range whilst simultaneously targeting consumers with their favourite product from the Helga’s range.

Encourage consumers to try other products and flavours from the Helga’s range.


Connect with consumers to identify trends and buyer behaviour patterns specific to Helga’s.

Retrieve and analyse data on a granular level for individual centres.

Implement an accurately targeted advertising campaign based on retrieved consumer insights.


PHASE 1: Pre-Launch

2 weeks prior to the campaign launch, 120 targeted Shopper Media centres commenced Wi-Fi engagement with consumers.

Consumers logged into Shopper Media’s free in-centre Wi-Fi where a 15 second pre-roll message appeared prompting consumers to answer a question before  gaining Wi-Fi connection.

Consumers were asked which Helga’s product they like best.


Our Data & Insights team evaluated the consumer results, identifying and extracting data before ranking the most preferred Helga’s products for each centre.

PHASE 2: Campaign Integration

Using the pre-launch research data, the campaign went live with custom creative showcasing each centre’s  bespoke preferences.


Each centre had specific Wi-Fi results allowing our dynamic CRM system Ayuda to guide the marketing to the target audience.

Personalised creative ran across all centres. This centre, Cranebrook, nominated Traditional white Gluten Free product as their favourite along with generic campaign creative to create awareness.


Measure sales impact and uplift of including retail OOH in campaign.

To isolate the impact of the OOH retail panels on sales - media, marketing, pricing & sales data was collected for test stores where OOH campaigns ran vs a set of control stores. All other factors were equal in test & control stores, except the absence of OOH advertising in the control.


Data was collected pre, during and post the campaign. Sales analysis was used to measure the impact of retail OOH panels on uplift in sales & halo effects post campaign impact.


Results show that stores with panel advertising achieved incremental uplift against control stores.

Strongest performance was achieved in periods where panel activity aligned with price promotional activity (highest campaign uplift vs. control was 28%; peak weekly uplift vs. control was 78%)


Campaign Uplift - Overall the test stores achieved a sales uplift 28% higher than the control during the 6 week campaign.

Post Campaign Halo Effect – 6 weeks post campaign, test stores experienced a 40% higher uplift than control stores


A new category launch for a market leading alcoholic beverage brand. Having recently entered into a new product category, the client wanted to benchmark the pre-campaign brand awareness & measure the uplift in brand awareness post campaign.


Using ’Shopper Study’ SMG measured the pre-campaign brand awareness for the product & it’ competitive set. Post campaign the questions were re-run to measure the uplift in brand awareness.


Our Data & Insights team analysed pre and post campaign results, providing the client with a summary repot. Results showed a 10% increase in brand awareness post campaign