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Our deep understanding of customers enables brands to unlock more effective campaign planning, deeper category insights and the ability to measure the sales impact of campaigns. With unique data, the channels you already know and use are taken to the next level.

47% of shoppers like to browse online but buy in-store.

Cartology Customer playbook

As customer behaviours have evolved in the last few years, shoppers have pivoted to an omnichannel approach to the way they research and shop.

With ¾ of Australians changing their shopping behaviour due to the pandemic, the question on every marketer’s lips was, ‘What’s the play?’.

The Cartology Customer Playbook is an insight to evolving and emerging customer behaviours and a marketers’ definitive guide to unlocking customer-powered growth.

This is Retail Media playbook

As leaders in retail media, Cartology is on a mission to help drive an understanding of what retail media is, where it is headed, and the opportunities it offers brands.

With three years of learnings, This is Retail Media delivers the insight and proof points from client success, to help brands enter the world of retail media with confidence.

A refreshing look at the drinks category customer

The Drinks category is established and trusted amongst Woolworths’ customers as Aussies look to Woolworths for range and quality from brands they trust.

Speaking to almost 3,000 Drinks category customers, we garnered a deep understanding of their purchase drivers, shopping behaviours, expectations of brands and retail media interactions to understand what customers really want.

Unlocking Retail

Unlocking Retail looks at the shopping habits of Australians, in an increasingly digitised world.

This latest research piece, conducted by Kantar, unlocks when, where, and how Australians shop, and how brands and retailers can navigate the changing face of the Australian consumer.

Brick-and-mortar retail stores remain the firm favourite amongst Australian shoppers, with ‘tactile, human experiences’ providing an advantage over online convenience.

The Insurance Movement

Australians see insurance as a low engagement purchase,  in large part due to a lack of trust, product complexity and apathy.

Customers today aren’t simply looking for financial protection. They want personalised solutions presented in the context of their day-to-day lives, be it while buying a car, planning for retirement or starting a business.

Customers expect insurers to go beyond their risk transfer obligations and offer end-to-end solutions, covering risk prediction, prevention and intervention.

This study is based on three online surveys of over 7,500 Australian consumers nationally, to gain insight into how Australians interact with insurance providers and products.


Car Ownership in Australia

The journey to car ownership in Australia is often long and considered, given the large financial investment. Using Shopper Study we surveyed over 2500 Australians to further understand their behaviour around car ownership.

With the waiting list for many popular cars in Australia ranging from three months to 10 months, brand building is key, in order to create a level of desire that will outweigh the lengthy wait times.

Retail Out-of-Home is flexible and the perfect way to build brand awareness, increase impact and drives effectiveness all while reaching your audience at the right place at the right time.



Project Elevate

On a typical day, the average consumer can be exposed to thousands of advertising messages and research has proven that animation can help drive greater ROI and this study now unveils the impact of large format digital atrium and landscape advertising in shopping centres.

We set out to better understand the incremental impact of large format when combined with our Smartlite portrait panels. To do this we had 1000 respondents participate in a quantitative online study, where we exposed them to different shopper journeys, showing them the various combinations of panel formats.

Through this study we were able to confirm that campaigns displayed on a combination of our portrait retail panels and our large format screens delivered positive impacts to brand metrics.



The Power of Animation in
Shopping Centre Advertising

Bringing advertising to life in shopping centres creates incredible results. We measured the impact of animation versus static advertising and the importance of panel positioning. The results were momentus with animation achieving 201% greater return on investment.

Animated out of home advertising demands attention, and it was found to be particularly impactful with our walk-by Smartlite panels. These portrait, floor-mounted retail advertising screens are positioned at eye level, increasing shopper attention and driving greater memorability.

Household Decision-Makers
are also Local Shoppers

Our Household CEO Shopper Study revealed that 80% of household decision makers for big ticket items, such as furniture, electrical goods, and cars, are also the decision makers at the grocery store. And 57% of them are planning to buy a big ticket item in the next 6 months so no matter your product or service, out of home shopping centre advertising gets your brand closer to your customers.

Our research showed that brands need to stay top of mind for high involvement and high value purchases that are more costly and have greater emotional significant. They need to be in market regularly to drive awareness, salience and preference at the time of consideration and purchase. And with 90% of consumers not having specific brand preferences, retail OOH advertising can be critical for distrupting them when they’re in the buying mindset.

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