Huge Christmas Spending Expected for 2021

In September, we ran a Shopper survey to identify Australian Christmas shopping spending patterns now that consumers are returning to shopping centres across the country.

Australians are expected to spend more than $11 billion on gifts this festive season, and through our Shopper Study real time survey tool, we learned that one in two shoppers are likely to have bought a product after seeing it advertised on a retail panel. Over 50% of shoppers confirmed that advertising in shopping centres provides inspiration and ideas for gifts.

With shopping centre visitation now on the rise in the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas and Australian household savings at an all-time high after lengthy COVID lockdowns, our shopping centre panels will play an important role in priming, prompting and converting the seasonal spend.

This festive season is set to be like no other as we emerge from COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Local retailers are gearing up for a spending bonanza, with Australian consumers expected to shell out an average of $726 per person on gifts.

To ensure you don’t miss out this Christmas, shopping early will be key, following warnings of global supply chain issues and product shortages due to the pandemic. Our survey found that consumers are hearing the call, with 52% already planning their Christmas gift lists and 57% confirming they plan to buy children’s gifts earlier this year.

The gift of choice this year is as important as ever as families and friends reunite after long periods of lockdown.  Not surprisingly, 67% of Australians will once again rely on ‘convenience gifting’ such as gift cards and vouchers. Shopper predicts that this will drive customers back into stores to make use of their vouchers, with the hybrid approach of ‘research online, buy offline’ proving to be a winning formula for retailers this year.

With respect to how consumers are feeling about their Christmas shopping this Christmas, consumer confidence is rising in line with vaccinations rates around the country.  This is key to driving visitation towards local shopping centres with 36% of shoppers currently spending 80% or more of their discretionary income within 5km of their home.

Christmas advertising often evokes emotion, strong memories and feelings of nostalgia, and our panels are powerful triggers that help brands seize these big moments.  With 100% digital animation, that has proven to be 63% more effective, brands can effortlessness capture the attention of shoppers and amplify emotionally driven messaging with cut-downs from television advertising

It’s clear that this Christmas, Australian consumers are more emotionally invested than ever before. We are all looking forward to enjoying new freedoms, giving generously, and celebrating in a big way with friends and family.

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