Shopper partners with Lendlease

Shopper is now partnering with Lendlease to provide agency sales representation for national advertising campaigns across three shopping centres: Settlement City, Menai Marketplace and Northgate in WA.

As Lendlease expands its advertising platform, it’s bringing in-house the management of its small format digital advertising across shopping centres, partnering with Shopper to manage content for national agency campaigns.

“Building close, collaborative partnerships with our shopping centre clients is an important part of how we do business. We’re incredibly excited to join with Lendlease to deliver optimal media value to advertisers through the launch of the small format digital advertising panels in these centres,” says Ed Couche, Shopper’s COO.

Despite the economic downturn triggered by COVID-19, local shopping centres have remained the hub of essential retail for Australian consumers, enabling Shopper to continue its focus on growth and expansion. In the last quarter of 2020, Shopper grew ad spend by 8.4%, securing the title of highest-growth offline media company in real dollar terms for the second consecutive year.

According to Couche, “innovation and partnership have played a key role in driving growth and revenue in the retail out of home category. Our Shopper Ai and Shopper Study proprietary tools provide unique insights into shopper behaviours, which culminate in effective retail OOH buys.”

Shopper boasts a portfolio of over 400 shopping centres that provide essential retail services for local communities across the country. Our Shopper Study enables brands to uncover changing consumer behaviours and shopping patterns, surveying 156,000 shoppers every month. Shopper Ai further allows brands to precision target campaigns using visual heatmaps, and measure performance and impact in real-time. Combined, they can deliver the most effective campaign buys in the retail out of home industry.

“We remain committed to growing the retail out of home category and delivering highly relevant and contextual campaigns across the Lendlease shopping centres,” says Crouche.

If you’re interested in partnering with Shopper to enhance your shopping centre capabilities and enhance the customer experience, get in touch.