Household CEO - Big Ticket Purchases

The desire to purchase major household items is on the rise!

It’s important for brands to stay top of mind, especially for high involvement or high value purchases when more time is spent researching and the purchase involves higher risk and greater emotional

significance. Consumers sentiment is on the rise following an uncertain year and the desire to purchase

household and renovator items is also now increasing.

Consumers prefer visiting local shopping centres but are willing to travel the distance for big ticket items.

Australians prefer to shop locally for big ticket items. Once shoppers know exactly what kind of sofa or bathroom tiles, they want, they need to know where they can pick up their items without too much hassle.

Source: Retail Study 2019, n=1,063. Q Typically how far do you travel your preferred retail destination to purchase the below it ems/categories. *Think with Google Micro Moments guide to how Australians choose big ticket furniture, Oct 2016.

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