IAB Member Q&A Series: Programmatic Digital Out Of Home

Although digitisation of OOH screens and related revenue now represents the majority of the out of home industry, programmatic trading of this inventory is only now becoming more common. Members of our DOOH Taskforce share their insights and advice on the development and adoption of programmatic DOOH trading.

Interview with Laura Wall, Head of Programmatic, Shopper Media Group.

How should agencies and marketers be thinking about the role of programmatic DOOH in their channel planning?

At a channel planning level, the introduction of programmatic buying to DOOH means that DOOH can now deliver on more strategic objectives than ever before. A client buy can now be made on a single play basis, at a specific time of day/week, powered by many data sources and managed by the technology at scale.

Previously, OOH buys were confined to certain parameters, usually defined by the media owner. In the programmatic ecosystem, these parameters have opened and can now be defined by the buyer and the technology, across all media providers seamlessly. pDOOH is still in its infancy, but unlike other programmatic channels it has not been born out of a need to chase consumers who have changed their consumption habits, resulting in a continually fragmented audience. Instead, pDOOH is a data amplification play as the audience continues about their usual routines, which creates an opportunity to be the first medium to launch programmatic as a premium buy, completely data focused.

Currently pDOOH can work as an additional layer to current OOH buys, as well as a stand-alone OOH channel amongst other digital media buys, creating a more targeted experience for the consumer. For clients that already use OOH as a broadcast media, pDOOH now allows a more tactical layer of DOOH into their channel plans, so it is not just delivering to a brand or proximity message. pDOOH can now be in sync with other digital channels delivering to the same specific audiences, and their strategic reason for being on the channel plan in the first place.

For new entrants to OOH, it is a chance to expand their audience buy using data they already have, or creating data pools within the technology platforms to buy the powerful one-to-many medium of DOOH, delivering on their business outcomes and in-line with the way they are using other channels within their marketing mix.

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Source: IAB Australia IAB Member Q&A: Programmatic Digital Out Of Home. 22 July, 2020

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