Shopper Media announces James Poole as Head of Platform

Shopper Media has appointed James Poole in the newly created role of Head of Platform, with a focus on enhancing the capability of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) network.

Jamie Hollebone, Shopper Media’s Head of Revenue, says, “James’ role will be transformative for our business, driving greater innovation and network optimisation whilst leading our programmatic offering.

“James will be working closely with creative and media agencies to leverage the capabilities of our Smartlite network, enabling advertisers to optimise their campaigns and achieve deeper engagement through more dynamic and contextually relevant messaging in retail environments.”

James has worked in digital out-of-home organisations around the world and prior to joining Shopper Media, James led digital capability and content management at Cartology (part of the Woolworths Group), and previously worked across digital solution delivery at JC Decaux and Adshel.

Shopper Media’s investment in intelligent Wi-Fi and virtual beacon technology allows a deeper engagement between shoppers and advert

isers, enhancing the way agencies deliver campaigns in retail OOH environments.

James’ role will further this engagement ensuring that marketers are making the most of the Smartlite network’s dynamic competency, from first-party data capture and behavioural insights to the innovative delivery of creative messaging.

“We are committed to delivering best-value, optimised campaigns in retail OOH. James will work alongside advertisers to ensure our responsive digital and content capability delivers advertising that is dynamic, relevant and engaging to consumers,” explains Jamie. “The Head of Platform role aligns with our focus on innovation as we navigate the changing media landscape and the on-going challenges in a post COVID world.”

James says he is looking forward to stepping into the new role and highlighting the endless possibilities available to advertisers.

“I am passionate about creating new and exciting ways to utilise Shopper Media’s digital OOH network,” he says. “Shopper Media’s retail inventory has real-time capabilities that offer personalization at scale, condition triggering, contextual targeting and more.”

Shopper Media boasts a portfolio of more than 400 shopping centres providing essential retail to local communities across the country. The latest Standard Media Index* data saw Shopper Media post an 8.4% growth, securing the title of highest-growth offline media company in real dollar terms for the second consecutive year.

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