The Media Multiplier Effect: The role of retail out of home

There is a wealth of information about the benefits to brands of advertising in TV and Out of Home. Our research reviewed the impact of advertising in both channels and distilled the most important elements to deliver incremental reach and campaign longevity, leading to improved ROI and brand outcomes.

TV and Retail OOH are better together and deliver synergies

Consumer’s attention is fragmented and using Retail Out of Home media provides an opportunity to trigger message recall and awaken brand associations previously formed by the TV advertising.

Advertising in Out of Home at targeted touchpoints along the consumer’s path to purchase will:

  • Deliver hyper-targeted messaging and reinforce brand associations

  • Boost memory retrieval and leverage ‘the buyer mindset’ as shoppers approach the store

  • Hinder competition and ensure your advertising is top of mind

  • Drive conversion at point of purchase

We used our proprietary Shopper Study research tool to further understand the combination effect of TV and Retail OOH from a consumer’s perspective. The findings are summarised below.

A third of shoppers' notice brands in retail environments when they have seen them on TV

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