The personalisation of digital out of home

With Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi access points, visual heatmaps and scores of data to guide us, your out of home campaigns can be highly personalised, optimised and targeted to deliver the best results.

Your retail out of home media experts

We work with you to ensure your retail OOH campaign is fully targeted to your ideal customers in the time and place most likely to deliver results. We draw on our extensive and real-time data and measurement capabilities to ensure you’re seen by the people that matter.

Through complimentary shopping centre Wi-Fi, we connect with 156,000 shoppers every month to learn about their demographics, brand preferences and purchasing habits.

Tapping into the hearts and minds of shoppers

Better understand your customers and drive targeted OOH advertising based on who’s in store right now. Through Shopper Study, you can survey customers for greater insights, deliver ads on their mobile devices, and drive deeper brand experiences online.

With visual heatmaps built from our extensive data stack, you can target your desired audience and measure performance and impact in real-time.

Helping you deliver the most effective campaign buys

Shopper Ai allows us to provide invaluable audience profiling, by overlaying multiple data sources, with heat mapping technology. This ensures that your next campaign delivers the most relevant messages based on shopper behaviours, spending habits, demographics, mobility and purchase intentions.

We incorporate numerous data sets to provide targeting of high value audiences, profiled based on location, proximity and timing so you can control every aspect of your campaign with a bespoke site list.

Shopper’s retail OOH drives results


Precision audience targeting

Using Shopper Ai real-time data, Westpac accurately targeted SME retail owners for their small business campaign.

Shopper Helga digital screen

Personalisation at scale

Helga’s connected with customers in real-time to identify purchase trends in specific locations, and used that data to optimise their campaign.

Shopper Maker's Mark digital screen

Launching new products

A leading alcohol brand surveyed over 18,000 shoppers to analyse and benchmark pre-and post-campaign brand awareness against competitors.

Shopper Ai Australian map

A leader in the Retail Out-of-Home space

Find our state-of-the-art digital panels in over 420+ shopping centres across the nation.