Shopper Impact Commands Attention in Retail OOH

Shopper, Australia’s leading retail out-of-home business, launches Shopper Impact to deliver synchronised campaign creative across multiple screens in prominent shopping centre locations.  Shopper Impact commands attention and helps drive memory along the shopper journey.

Advertisers can now capitalise on side-by-side screens at shopping centre entry points and near escalators, where distraction from other signage and product offerings is at a minimum. With Shopper Impact, campaign creative can be fully animated and broadcast to provide more entertaining and impactful advertising that plays across screens and deepens a brand’s ability to engage consumers through this first-to-market offering in retail out-of-home (OOH).

Shopper’s Head of Platform, James Poole, says, “We are incredibly excited to be launching Shopper Impact. Its synchronised capability captivates audiences, drives deeper connections and delivers a higher ROI, as it reaches shoppers whilst they embark on their shopping missions.”

A recent Shopper Research Study* found that 83% of Australian shoppers enjoy entertaining advertising that plays from one screen to another in shopping centres, and 71% agree that screens with coordinated and complimentary messages are more appealing than digital static and poster advertising.

“Digital OOH is known for its ability to drive attention and create long-term brand memories, directly impacting our ability to influence consumers’ decision-making during a typical shopping journey,” says James. “Shopper Impact now offers creative teams a new and innovative way to amplify the effect of their campaigns.”

Shopper Impact offers unique ways to bring retail OOH campaigns to life:

  1. Identical video or static creative across a pair of screens for double the impact.
  2. Creative that transitions from one screen to another delivering the ultimate storytelling experience.
  3. Complementary but different creative seamlessly linking brand and product messages.

In the same Shopper Research Study, 64% of shoppers confirmed that Shopper Impact screens held their attention longer compared to digital static and poster advertising; 2 in 3 agreed Shopper Impact advertising is more entertaining and interesting to watch; and more than half of all shoppers confirmed they enjoyed brand and product messaging across the two screens.

Shopper CEO Ed Couche says, “Since Shopper’s inception, our focus has been on innovation and digital retail OOH solutions that meet tomorrow’s challenges. Shopper Impact is another example of our dedication to delivering new and interesting ways for brands to engage with Australians at the point where they turn from audiences into customers every day.”

* Source: Shopper Impact Research n=834, June 2022