Retail Out-of-Home Advertising Strengthens Awareness and Drives Consideration of Auto Intenders Looking to Switch

Australian car sales yielded the best August result since 2017 in a market where demand is outstripping supply. However, the latest sales increases are the first sign that supply is improving to meet market demand post COVID, and a timely reminder for auto brands to ensure their models are top of mind for returning auto intenders.

Karissa Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer from Shopper says, “Interest in car sales post-COVID continues to be strong, and many Australians are planning ahead. Shopper’s latest research* found that 1 in 3 Australian shoppers will buy a car in the next 12 months, with 38% in the market for a new car and 45% planning to purchase a second-hand car. With 44% looking to change automakers and only 38% of shoppers with a shortlist of brands that they are considering, there is a significant opportunity to capture the attention of consumers that have not yet formed a brand preference.

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid change with customer expectations shifting towards environmentally friendly, sustainable, and technology-led features.  The car purchase process is involved, and it is increasingly popular for in-person shopping to be augmented with online resources using video, animation, and artificial intelligence that enhances the shopping journey.

“Australians utilise digital channels for research, however more than 8 in 10 Australians expect to purchase their next vehicle in-person, and 63% of shoppers prefer to visit an authorised dealership when buying a car.** A genuine sense of security is felt by Australians when they can see, touch, and of course, drive a vehicle before buying, which remains a high priority.”

“The Shopper Study found that 68% of Australians have researched a car after seeing it advertised on a retail panel in a shopping centre; 69% agreed that advertising in shopping centres provides inspiration when purchasing a new car; and almost 7 in 10 shoppers have visited a car dealership (online or face-to-face), after seeing it advertised in a shopping centre.***

Australians support for their local neighbourhood retail areas remains high as evidenced by Metcash’s chairman Peter Birtles in his recent address to shareholders. In addition, Shopper’s research shows that 36% of Australian shoppers are more likely to visit a car dealership within 20 km of their home, making local shopping centres and important destination for brands to connect with customers.(*) Retail out-of-home advertising when part of an omnichannel approach drives inspiration, awareness, and consideration among auto intenders.

Shopper’s digital out-of-home advertising comprises small and large format panels in over 450 shopping centres around Australia offering advertisers the opportunity to broadcast their brand stories and connect with their audiences where people live and shop, every day.


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